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as a noun, 'native' refers to a person born in a particular place or to plants, animals, or languages indigenous to a particular region.

As a native of Brazil, she loves samba music.

The forest is home to many natives, including rare bird species.

English is not his native language.

when referring to indigenous peoples, it's more appropriate and respectful to use terms like 'Native Americans,' 'First Nations,' or 'Aboriginal Australians' rather than just 'natives.'

The term 'native' can sometimes be used in a way that exoticizes or others people, so it's essential to be aware of context and connotation.


when used as an adjective, 'native' describes someone or something that originates from a particular place or environment. It can also refer to being inherent or innate to something.

She is a native New Yorker.

The kangaroo is native to Australia.

He has a native ability to understand complex problems.

be cautious when referring to people as 'natives' as it can sometimes be seen as derogatory or outdated. Instead, it's often more respectful to specify the group or community e.g., 'Native Americans' or 'the indigenous people of Australia.' 'Native' can also be used in tech contexts, like 'native app,' which refers to software designed for a specific platform or device.

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