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as an adverb, 'nearly' typically appears in the middle or end of a sentence and describes how close a given verb action is to completion or is near a certain end. Nearly is usually used to modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. It can also emphasize the strength of an adjective by describing how close the adjective comes to its full strength.

nearly functions as an adverb to modify verb, adjective, or adverb phrases. It is typically used to describe how close a given verb action is to being complete or its proximity to an ending point.

1. She nearly fell as she stepped on an uneven patch of sidewalk.

2. He was nearly ready to take a break when his work was completed.

3. She looked nearly as excited as her younger sister.

nearly is often followed by the word 'just,' forming the phrase 'nearly just.' This phrase is helpful in emphasizing the closeness of a given action to being complete. For example, 'She walked nearly just two miles before the sun began to set.'

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