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adverb 'neatly' is used to describe the manner in which something is done. For example, if someone tidied an area quickly and with great care, they could say they did it 'neatly.'

in order to use 'neatly' as an adverb, it must be used to describe the manner in which an action is performed. It is commonly used to describe something being done in a neat, organized, or tidy way.

1. She folded the clothes neatly and stacked them in the chest of drawers.

2. He neatly arranged the dishes in the dishwasher.

3. She neatly dusted all of the surfaces in the living room.

it is important to note that when using this adverb, the action being described should be neat, organized and tidy. It is not used to describe the speed with which something is done.

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