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Need is a noun that describes something that is necessary or desired. It is often a feeling of lack or a void that needs to be filled.

the rules associated with its usage as a noun include using it when describing something tangible (or intangible) that is needed, such as 'We have a need for more volunteers for our event.' Need can also be used to express enthusiasm for something that is desired.

1. There is a need to give mroe birthday presents for our son.

2. She needs to pass her GED exam.

Need is usually used to express the notion that something is missing or necessary. However, it can also be used to express strong desires in certain contexts. It is not often used in the passive voice in this capacity; instead, the need is typically placed as the subject in the sentence.


as a verb, need means to be absolutely required or obligatory in order to satisfy or fulfill a certain purpose. It can also refer to the physical or emotional requirement for something.

the rules associated with its usage as a verb include using it to signify that something must be done in order to accomplish a goal. Need can also be used to denote a lack of something, such as 'I need some help with my homework.'

1. She needs to clean her bedroom before she goes to school.

2. They need to find a bigger apartment if their family is expanding.

3. I need money to buy my dad a birthday present.

Need is rarely used in the passive voice as a verb. Instead, the subject of the sentence is typically placed at the beginning to indicate that it is something that must be done. Additionally, need can also be used with other modal verbs, such as must, have to, or should, to further emphasize that something is necessary or required.

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