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the phrase 'neither nor' is an example of a correlative conjunction. It is a conjunctive phrase used to connect two elements, usually two nouns or two verbs, and conveys the idea that those two elements are mutually exclusive.

When using 'neither nor,' it is important to note that they are always used in pairs to connect two nouns or two verbs. The noun or verb connected by 'neither nor' should always be parallel—the same grammatical form as one another.

1. I want neither apples nor oranges.

2. Neither Alex nor Maria could finish the test.

3. The team neither won nor lost their match.

be sure that the items connected by 'neither nor' are in the same grammatical form and make sense in the context of the sentence. Additionally, the phrase 'neither…nor' should be followed by the verb in its base form; for example, 'I want neither apples nor oranges.' Not 'I don't want neither apples nor oranges.'

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