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nervous as an adjective usually describes someone who is anxious or easily agitated, overreactive, and uneasy. It can be used to describe a person's state when faced with uncertainty or fear. For example, 'All the students were nervous when they saw the huge exam paper.'

A less commonly used usage of the adjective in English is to denote something that is very thin or slender. For example, 'She wore a nervous silver necklace around her neck.'

1. She was so nervous on her first day of school she could barely move.

2. The nervous dog barked at every strange noise it heard.

3. She wore a nervous gold bracelet around her wrist.

When using 'nervous' as an adjective, it is usually in reference to someone feeling anxious or uneasy. Do not confuse it with 'nervy', which has a more positive connotation and implies courage and assertiveness. It is important to note that when referring to something being thin, use 'nervous' rather than 'narrow'.

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