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night is a noun referring to the dark period of the 24-hour day between evening and morning. It can also be used to refer to the darkness associated with that period, or to a particular period of darkness typically associated with a certain event or occurrence.

1. I enjoy listening to the sounds of nature at night.

2. It was a long, dark night.

3. The night sky was filled with stars.

when talking about an event or occurrence that happens during the night, it is usually preferred to specific the time period in question. For example, 'on the night of the full moon' rather than simply 'on the night'.


when 'night' is used as an adjective, it modifies nouns to specify a relationship or association with the nighttime.

'night' can precede a noun to describe something that happens, is used, or is related to the nighttime.

It's not a standalone adjective, meaning you wouldn't typically use it to describe something without a noun following it.

He works the night shift at the hospital.

Owls are night creatures, most active after sunset.

The night sky was filled with stars.

while 'night' can function adjectivally, it's not an adjective in the traditional sense. Instead, it's a noun that's modifying another noun, which is a characteristic of attributive nouns. Don't confuse 'night' used adjectivally with compound nouns like 'night-time' or 'nightfall.' In these cases, 'night' remains a noun as part of a compound term.

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