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a number is a noun that means a concept used to count, represent, and calculate quantities and dimensions. It is typically a whole positive integer, such as 5 or 598, but can also include fractions, negative numbers, and imaginary numbers. Thus, a number can be measured, divided, ordered, and is used to identify quantity.

1. There are 11 students in my algebra class.

2. She works best when she's given specific numbers to work with.

3. I need to triple the number of items I'm ordering.

when used as a noun, it is important to use the word 'number' instead of 'amount' when referring to quantities and collections of items. Additionally, it is important to acknowledge that numbers can be abstract and often exist beyond a physical countable item; for example, a number of years or ideas.


to number is to label the items in a sequence, either in terms of their order or quantity. This can involve assigning a particular numeric value to each item, assigning a letter or symbol, or otherwise making an effort to organize a list according to a particular sequence.

1. He numbered the items on his desk with the Roman numerals I-XXX.

2. I need to number these items so I can easily keep track of them.

3. They numbered the guests as they entered the party so no one was left out.

when used as a verb, there may be little room for confusion on the part of the reader; however, when discussing numbers, it is important to specify a specific system of numbering, such as Roman numerals or binary code, so that the reader understands the system being used. Additionally, when talking about numbers, it is important to avoid the use of 'count' or 'calculate,' as they refer to different processes.

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