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As an adjective, 'off' describes a state or condition, often indicating that something is not operating, is incorrect, or is of inferior quality.

'Off' can be used to indicate that a device or system is not in operation. It can also describe something that is incorrect, inappropriate, or of inferior quality.

The computer is off.

His calculations were off.

The milk smells off; it might be spoiled.

When 'off' is used as an adjective, it often carries a negative connotation, implying that something is not as it should be. 'Off' as an adjective is often used in a more informal context, especially when describing something as incorrect or of inferior quality.


as a preposition, 'off' primarily indicates separation, disconnection, or distance from a place or position. It can also refer to the removal or cessation of something.

'Off' can be used to show that something is separated from or not in contact with something else. It can also indicate the removal of something or the cessation of an action or condition.

She took the book off the shelf.

The plane took off from the runway.

He lives just off Main Street.

When 'off' is used as a preposition, it often implies a sense of detachment or separation that may be either temporary or permanent. Avoid confusing 'off' with 'of.' While 'off' indicates separation or distance, 'of' generally indicates a relationship or possession.


'Off' can also be used as an adverb to mean away from a certain point or place. This occurs mostly when 'off' is being used after a verb or adjective, indicating separation or movement.

1. She took off her sweater and threw it in a chair nearby.

2. They drove off towards the sunset in their white convertible.

3. She shut off the television, having had enough of the news for the day.

In most cases, off is placed at the end of the sentence. The adverb form is more important if you want to indicate motion away from something. As opposed to the noun form, it should always be written as one word, with no capital letter.

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