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as a noun, 'offer' refers to a proposal or a presentation of something for acceptance, refusal, or consideration. It can also refer to the act of offering.

'offer' as a noun can be used in various contexts, including business, shopping, and general situations where something is proposed for consideration. It can be followed by 'of' and then the thing being offered.

The company made him a generous offer.

There's a special offer on these shoes today.

He declined the offer of coffee.

'On offer' is a phrase that means something is available for sale, often at a reduced price. Don't confuse 'offer' with 'offering' when referring to something, especially in a religious context, that is given as a gift or sacrifice.


as a verb, 'offer' describes the act of presenting or proposing something to someone for acceptance or refusal. It can also mean to express a willingness to do something.

'offer' can be used to indicate the act of giving or suggesting something without expecting an immediate return. It can be followed by an object (the thing being offered) and sometimes by an infinitive verb to indicate the action being proposed.

She offered her assistance in the project.

The company offered him a new position.

I offered to help him move his furniture.

'offer' is often confused with 'suggest.' While both can mean to propose something, 'offer' usually implies a more tangible or direct proposal. 'Offer up' is a phrasal verb that can mean to provide or give something, especially in a sacrificial or religious context.

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