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ominous is an adjective that describes a feeling of foreboding or dread. It is often used to describe a situation that looks like it is going to lead to something bad or unpleasant. The word often implies that something is approaching with a sense of gravity or great importance, often accompanied by a sense of danger or forbidding.

ominous can be used to modify nouns such as 'messages,' 'energy,' and 'presence' to indicate that something bad or dangerous might happen. It can also be used predicatively (as an attributive) to describe a situation by itself, e.g., 'It's an ominous day.'

1. The thunderous roar of the sky nearby was an ominous sign that a storm was coming.

2. It was an ominous feeling—it almost felt like something was watching her.

3. The encroaching night cast an ominous shadow over the town.

if a situation is described as 'ominous,' it is usually not something good or pleasant. It is often used to describe situations requiring caution or warning. Common mistakes may arise from confusing the adjective 'ominous' with the noun 'omens,' which is something that indicates a future event.

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