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As a noun, 'outside' refers to the external part or environment of something. It is often used to describe the area that is not inside a particular space.

'Outside' can refer to the area or space that is not within a particular boundary. It can also refer to influences or factors that come from beyond a particular group or system.

Let's go play outside.

The outside of the building needs a new coat of paint.

He was an outside hire, not promoted from within the company.

When used as a noun, 'outside' often emphasizes the idea of being separate from an enclosed or defined space. Don't confuse 'outside' with 'outdoors.' 'Outside' can refer to any area outside a particular boundary, while 'outdoors' specifically refers to open-air or natural settings.


as an adjective, 'outside' describes something that is located on the outer side or surface, or that comes from an external source.

The outside temperature is very high today.

We need an outside opinion to resolve this issue.

The outside layer of the cake is chocolate.

When used as an adjective, 'outside' often emphasizes the idea of being external or separate from a main body or group. Be cautious not to use 'outside' when you mean 'external' in a more abstract sense, such as 'external factors.'


as a preposition, 'outside' indicates location or position in relation to the outer part of something. It can also indicate that something is beyond the scope or range of something else.

The cat is outside the house.

Outside these parameters, the equation does not hold.

He lives just outside the city limits.

When used as a preposition, 'outside' is often followed by a noun that specifies what the boundary, scope, or range is. Avoid using 'outside' when you mean 'except for' or 'besides,' as this can create confusion.

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