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as an adjective, 'over' typically describes a situation where something has ended or is finished.

The game is over.

The performance is over, and the audience is leaving.

He's over forty but still competes in athletic events.

when 'over' is used as an adjective to indicate completion, it often appears after the verb 'to be' (is, was, were, etc.). Don't confuse the adjectival use of 'over' with its more common uses as a preposition or adverb. For instance, 'She jumped over the fence' (preposition) vs. 'The game is over' (adjective).


the word 'over' can be used as a preposition when describing a specific location in relation to another location or object.

this usage of 'over' has typically denotes some form of physical movement, transition, or direction, such as 'across,' 'over,' or 'about.'

1. She flew over the ocean.

2. He tripped over the increasing number of stones.

3. He stood over the tiny pond.

the word 'over' as a preposition can be mistaken for the word 'above,' which would denote a higher location. It’s important to use the correct preposition to accurately convey the intended meaning.


the word 'over' can be used as an adverb when referring to a period of time or a degree of accomplishment or intensity.

this usage of 'over' typically denotes completeness or a lack of limitation, such as having finished or continuing for an unspecified period of time.

1. She sang over the beautiful song.

2. He traveled over the country.

3. We celebrated our victory over the tournament.

the word 'over' as an adverb should not be mistaken for the word 'above,' which would denote a higher location. Additionally, the adverb should only be used to describe a continuing state of activity or condition - it should not be used in reference to starting or initiating an action.

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