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pang is a noun that refers to a sharp physical pain or discomfort. It can also be used to refer to an emotional ache or distress, usually in combination with words such as 'heartache' or 'mind-pang'. Pang is an onomatopoeic word derived from the sound a sudden pain makes when experienced.

1. The stomach-pang was so severe she had to call her doctor.

2. The migraine was so strong that it caused a pang of agony in her head.

pang is primarily used in the context of physical and emotional pain or distress. However, it can be used figuratively to refer to a slight displeasure or irritation caused by something.


the verb form of 'pang' is not as commonly used as its noun form. As a verb, 'to pang' means to cause a sudden sharp pain or painful emotion.

it's often used in a figurative sense to describe a sudden feeling of regret, guilt, or another emotional discomfort.

The memory of that day still pangs her.

His words panged my heart with sorrow.

The realization of his mistake panged him deeply.

'pang' as a verb is less common in modern English and might sound a bit archaic or poetic to some listeners or readers.It's more common to use 'pang' as a noun, as in 'a pang of guilt.'

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