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a noun 'party' refers to a social gathering of people who have been invited to come together for entertainment, an occasion, or other purpose.

1. The birthday party was a blast!

2. The Labor Day party was well-attended.

3. I attended a small gathering of friends for a party.

nuance to consider when using the noun 'party' is that it is occasionally used in less formal contexts as a verb, with the meaning 'to have fun.'


a verb is a word that expresses action or being. In the case of the word 'party,' it describes the idea of having fun with friends, usually in reference to social gatherings or occasions.

1. We will party tonight.

2. We'll party all weekend long.

a nuance to consider when using the verb 'party' is that it is occasionally used in more formal contexts as a noun, referring to a particular social gathering or occasion.

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