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the noun form of 'pen' refers to a writing instrument used for creating marks on paper. Specifically, a pen is a device with a reservoir containing a liquid or other writing material which is passed over a surface as the user moves it, leaving a mark. Examples of pens include fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, felt-tip pens, and brush pens.

1. I've always wanted a nice gold pen.

2. My pen ran out of ink while I was writing a letter.

3. She always carries a pen with her in case of emergencies.

when referring to the ability to write, it is often phrased as 'the power of the pen'.


the verb form of 'pen' is used to mean to write or create something on paper with a pen. It is also used to describe the act of 'penning' in an animal, which means to confine the animal to a certain area with a physical barrier, such as a fence.

1. She is penning a letter to her best friend.

2. I need to pen a few ideas down before I forget them.

3. They will be penning the sheep into the corral this morning.

when using 'pen' as a verb, note that it is usually used in the present tense form, although it can be conjugated to other tenses as needed. Additionally, 'pen' has multiple meanings depending on the context—so it is important to ensure that one’s context is clear to avoid confusion.

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