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as a noun, 'pink' refers to the color itself. Additionally, it can refer to a type of flower known as Dianthus.

Pink is her favorite color.

He gave her a bouquet of pinks for her birthday.

The room was painted in a shade of pink.


when 'pink' is used as an adjective, it describes the color that is a pale tint of red.

She wore a pink dress to the party.

The sky turned a soft pink during the sunset.

I bought pink curtains for my room.


to 'pink' means to pierce, cut, or decorate with a perforated or punched pattern, especially in leatherworking or when making decorative edges on fabric.

She pinked the edges of the fabric to give it a decorative look.

The leather was pinked with a beautiful design.

Crafters often use special scissors to pink fabric edges to prevent fraying.

when referring to the action of making decorative edges, it's often associated with 'pinking shears,' a type of scissors used for this purpose. Don't confuse the verb form with the more common adjective and noun forms. Context is key!

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