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as an adjective, possible describes something that is feasible and attainable. It can describe something that could exist or occur. For example, someone could say 'I am looking for a possible solution to this problem,' implying that they are searching for a solution that could exist and has the potential to work. Possible is usually used in affirmative statements, so saying 'It is not possible' implies that something is impossible or cannot happen.

1. We must consider all possible outcomes before we make a decision.

2. I was trying to find a possible explanation for the strange phenomenon.

3. That is not a possible solution to the problem.

when using possible as an adjective, be careful to make sure that this is the correct word choice for the context, as it has a very specific meaning. It is much more appropriate to use possible when talking about something that could occur or exist, rather than something that is not certain to occur or is unlikely. For example, saying 'It is possible that the sky is purple' is not a logical statement since it is highly unlikely that this is the case. Finally, be careful not to confuse the words 'possible' and 'probable.' Probable is used when something is likely to be true, while possible simply means that it is feasible or attainable.

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