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a 'potential' noun is a noun that describes something that is possible or likely to happen in the future. Examples might include potential danger, potential benefits, and potential outcomes. Potential nouns have no set rules to follow, and can vary depending on context.

1. Research shows that this medicine has lethal potential.

2. His potential as an artist is undeniable.

3. The potential of this new technology is awe-inspiring.

when using potential as a noun, it is important to remember that it refers to future circumstances or characteristics, not current ones. Additionally, potential should not be confused with actual, which denotes something that is currently occurring or existing.


potential as an adjective is used to describe something that has the capacity to become real or to happen. This can refer to future possibilities, opportunities, and abilities.

1. He is a potential successor for the CEO position.

2. This new technology is a potential game-changer.

when using potential as an adjective, try to focus on the possibility of something to become or to exist in the future, not on its current level of achievement/development. Additionally, potential should not be confused with potentiality, which is a noun, and refers to the state or quality of being able to become real or to happen.

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