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'pounce' as a noun refers to the act of pouncing or a sudden swoop or spring.

it's used to denote a specific action or event.

The mouse narrowly escaped the cat's pounce.

With a swift pounce, the eagle grabbed the fish from the water.

She waited for the right moment, then made her pounce.

when using 'pounce' as a noun, it's often in the context of describing a specific event or action. Ensure that the surrounding context makes the meaning clear.


when 'pounce' is used as a verb, it typically refers to the action of jumping or swooping suddenly and quickly in order to catch or seize something. It can be used both literally (as in the case of a cat pouncing on a mouse) and figuratively (as in someone seizing an opportunity).

it can be used both transitively (with an object) and intransitively (without an object).

The cat sat still, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting bird.

As soon as the sale began, shoppers pounced on the discounted items.

He pounced at the chance to travel abroad.

'pounce' often carries a sense of suddenness and surprise. It's important to ensure that the context supports this when using the verb.

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