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as a noun, 'predicate' refers to the part of a sentence or clause that comments on or describes the subject. It contains the verb and everything else after the subject.

in grammar, a sentence can be divided into a subject and a predicate. The subject is what the sentence is about, and the predicate tells something about the subject.

In the sentence 'The cat sleeps,' 'sleeps' is the predicate.

The teacher explained the difference between the subject and the predicate.

A complete sentence requires both a subject and a predicate.

the predicate always contains the verb, but it can also include other elements like objects, complements, or adverbials.


'predicate' as an adjective is less common but can be used to describe something that is affirmed or stated.

it's often seen in terms like 'predicate adjective' or 'predicate nominative' in grammar discussions.

In the sentence 'The sky is blue,' 'blue' is a predicate adjective.

She became a teacher, with 'teacher' being the predicate nominative.

The word 'happy' in 'She seems happy' is a predicate adjective.

when discussing grammar, it's important to understand the different roles that predicate elements can play in a sentence, such as predicate adjectives or predicate nominatives.


as a verb, 'predicate' means to affirm or declare something, often based on certain grounds or reasons.

it's often used in formal contexts or in logical and philosophical discussions.

He predicated his argument on the assumption that all humans are inherently good.

The theory is predicated on recent discoveries in quantum physics.

She refused to predicate the outcome of the election.

be cautious not to confuse the verb 'predicate' with the noun form. The verb is about making a statement or basing something on a particular foundation.

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