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a president is a noun that means a title typically given to the head of a nation or organization. It implies a position of leadership and authority, and often carries the responsibility of making key decisions and representing the government. Presidents commonly have the power to enact laws, sign executive orders, and oversee all governmental matters.

1. The president of the student club argued passionately that a new rule should be implemented.

2. The president of the university welcomed the incoming class with an inspiring speech.

3. The president of the company presented a detailed plan for the upcoming year.

it is important to note that there is more than one type of president. For example, a 'President of the Senate' or a 'President of the Board of Directors' may be more appropriate to refer to someone in a specific position of authority in a governmental organization or business, respectively. When referring to the head of a nation, it is usually more appropriate to use the title of 'Head of State' versus the title of 'President'.

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