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privacy is a noun that means the ability to keep information or one's personal life secure, private, and out of public view. Privacy is an important aspect of social life and is usually related to safety, respect, and control. Generally, private information can include one's finances, health, relationships, home address and phone number, and information stored or shared on social media platforms.

privacy as a noun often covers conversations about privacy policies and technology, as well as appeals for protection of one's right to privacy. It can also refer to something that is kept away from other people's clutches such as a private room or place.

1. The employer must ensure that all its employees’ personal information is treated with complete privacy.

2. Many modern homes have gardens for the privacy of their owners.

3. Having privacy will give you peace and serenity.

the noun form of privacy is often followed by ‘rights’ in legal contexts and ‘policies/laws’ in political contexts. It is important to take into account the purpose of the sentence and the intent of the speaker or writer when using privacy.

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