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as a noun, 'question' refers to a sentence or phrase used to find out information. It often requires or seeks an answer, clarification, or response.

questions can be direct (interrogative) or indirect (embedded within another statement or question). Questions can seek factual information, opinions, preferences, or clarification.

She asked a question during the lecture.

The main question is whether we have enough funds to complete the project.

'Where are you going?' is a direct question. I wonder where he is going is an indirect question.

avoid forming double negatives in questions, e.g., 'Isn't it not your book?' Instead, use 'Isn't it your book?' Ensure that questions seeking confirmation end with a question mark, e.g., 'This is your book, isn't it?'


as a verb, 'question' means to ask someone something in order to get information or to express doubt about the truth or validity of something.

when expressing doubt or skepticism, 'question' can be synonymous with 'challenge' or 'doubt.' When seeking information, 'question' can mean 'interrogate' or 'inquire.'

The police questioned him about his whereabouts on the night of the crime.

I question the accuracy of that statement.

They questioned her for hours before letting her go.

'question' as a verb does not always imply a formal or aggressive interrogation. It can be used in casual contexts as well. Be cautious with the prepositions following 'question.' Typically, you 'question someone about something.'

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