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as a noun, 'random' refers to an unpredictable choice or event.

It's less commonly used as a noun than as an adjective, but can be found in certain contexts, especially in phrases like 'at random.'

The winners were chosen at random.

The test was conducted at random.

Selections were made by pure random.

when using 'random' as a noun, it's often paired with prepositions like 'at' or 'by.'


as an adjective, 'random' describes something that is made, done, or chosen without method or conscious decision. It implies a lack of predictability or specific pattern.

'random' is used to modify nouns, indicating that the noun it modifies is characterized by unpredictability or lack of specific order.

I picked a random book from the shelf.

There were random marks on the paper.

She made a random choice.

'random' is sometimes used colloquially among younger people to mean 'odd' or 'unusual.' For example, 'That's so random!'

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