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as a noun, 'rank' primarily refers to a position within a hierarchy or a system of ordering. It can also denote a row or line of things or people.

'rank' can refer to one's position in an organization, especially in military or hierarchical structures. It can also describe the quality or standard of something.

In botany, it refers to a taxonomic category.

He achieved the rank of captain before retiring from the military.

The movie was of top rank and received several awards.

Species and genus are two different ranks in the classification of organisms.

don't confuse 'rank' with 'rancid,' which refers to something unpleasantly stale or decayed. 'Pull rank' is an idiomatic expression meaning to use one's higher status to get a preferred outcome.


as an adjective, 'rank' is less commonly used but can describe something that is strong-smelling, often in an offensive way, or something that is complete or extreme.

'rank' can describe an overpowering smell. It can also emphasize the thoroughness or extremity of a condition.

The room had a rank odor of decay.

His behavior was rank insubordination.

when using 'rank' as an adjective, context is crucial, as its meaning can vary based on the situation. Don't confuse the adjective 'rank' with the more common noun and verb forms.


as a verb, 'rank' means to give a position to something based on its hierarchy, importance, or quality. It can also mean to arrange or classify.

'rank' can be used to describe the action of assigning a position or status to something. It can also refer to the action of being positioned in a particular order based on certain criteria.

The website ranks first in search engine results.

Students were ranked based on their test scores.

How do you rank these movies from best to worst?

'rank' as a verb is often used in passive constructions, e.g., 'The book is ranked first on the bestseller list.' Avoid redundancy in phrases like 'rank in order,' as 'rank' already implies an order.

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