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an adverb is a word that provides a descriptor for a verb, an adjective, another adverb, a phrase, or a clause. It often denotes the degree, intensity, manner, or time of an action. It typically answers questions such as 'how often?' or 'how much?'

used when something is not a common occurrence, you can use 'rarely' to describe it; when something is extremely uncommon, you can use 'rarely' to describe it; when something is so infrequent that it almost never happens, you can use 'rarely' to describe it.

1. I rarely go out to eat these days.

2. She rarely wears makeup.

3. The football team rarely wins its games.

'rarely' usually comes before the verb it's describing. 'Rarely' is usually used to give an idea of the frequency of something. When describing an occurrence that's happening now, the present tense of 'rarely' should be used ('rarely,' 'rare,' or 'rarifying'). When describing an occurrence that happened in the past, the past tense of 'rarely' should be used ('rarified').

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