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raucous is an adjective describing a loud sound or noise with a rough or discordant quality. It is also used to ascribe to someone an unruly or boisterous behavior.

when describing a sound as raucous, the sound can be assumed to be startlingly loud and often grating. In the context of people or activities, being described as raucous is generally viewed as unruly or disorderly in an exciting and chaotic manner.

1. The raucous cheering of the crowd drowned out the sports announcer’s voice.

2. The raucous laughter of the kids suggested they were having far too much fun.

3. The raucous party went on until the wee hours of the morning.

when using raucous, it is important to be aware of the connotations the word carries. While in some contexts it may be a more neutral term conveying volume, in others it can be used to highlight a rowdy or chaotic behavior. As such, it can have negative connotations, and should be used with sensitivity.

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