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The noun form of 'read' refers to the act of interpreting written material. It can also be used to describe a single instance of reading such as your last book read. It is uncountable and is usually used in the singular form.

1. I love read!

2. She finished her last read in record time.

When used as a noun, the pronunciation remains the same regardless of the context.


The verb form of 'read' means to look at written material such as a book or a newspaper and understand its contents. It is used in simple present, present continuous, present perfect, past simple, past continuous, and future forms. It is usually transitive, but in some cases it can be intransitive or used in reflexive forms with 'myself'.

1. I read the newspaper every day.

2. He is reading a book.

3. She has read the entire Harry Potter series.

4. We read a lot of books last year.

5. They are reading a poem.

6. I will read the first chapter before bed.

When used as a verb, the pronunciation of 'read' changes depending on its context. For example, in the past tense form it is pronounced as 'red', and when used as a participial adjective it is pronounced as 'reed'.

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