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'remains' as a noun refers to the parts of something that are left after the rest has been used, consumed, or destroyed. It can also refer to a dead body, especially when talking about animals or archaeological finds.

it's often used to denote what's left of something after a particular event or process.

The remains of the ancient temple were discovered underground.

After the fire, only ashes and charred remains were left.

Archaeologists found the remains of a prehistoric man in the cave.

when referring to human bodies, using 'remains' can be a more respectful or neutral term than 'body' or 'corpse', especially in formal or sensitive contexts. Don't confuse 'remains' (noun) with 'remains' (verb). The context in which it's used will usually make the meaning clear.


as a verb, 'remains' denotes the continuation of a particular state, condition, or presence.

it's used to indicate that something continues to exist, stay in the same place, or stay in the same condition.

She remains a key figure in the company.

The mystery remains unsolved.

The building remains intact after the storm.

don't confuse 'remains' with 'remnants' or 'leftovers'. While 'remains' as a verb indicates continuation, 'remnants' or 'leftovers' refer to what is left.

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