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as an adjective, 'removed' describes the state of being distant or separated from a particular point, especially in relation to family relationships or in a more abstract sense.

'removed' is commonly used in genealogy to describe relationships that are not on the same generational level. It can also be used to describe a sense of distance or detachment from a particular situation or context.

She is my second cousin once removed.

His demeanor was cold and removed.

The secluded cabin felt removed from the hustle and bustle of city life.

when using 'removed' in the context of family relationships, it's essential to understand its meaning. For instance, 'once removed' indicates a one-generation difference. Avoid using 'removed' ambiguously. Ensure that the context makes it clear whether you're using it in a familial sense or to describe detachment.


'removed' is the past tense form of the verb 'remove.' As a verb, 'remove' means to take something away or off from the position occupied. When it's in the past tense, 'removed,' it indicates that the action of taking something away has already occurred.

'removed' can be used to describe a past action where someone took something away, either physically or metaphorically. It can be used in various contexts, from physical removal to abstract removals like removing doubt or fear.

The teacher removed the disruptive student from the classroom.

She removed her makeup before going to bed.

The committee removed the outdated rule from the handbook.

'removed' can also imply a sense of distance or separation, especially in contexts like family relationships (e.g., 'second cousin once removed'). Don't confuse 'removed' with 'erased' or 'deleted.' While all involve taking something away, 'erase' and 'delete' often imply a sense of permanence or obliteration.

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