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as a noun, 'research' refers to the systematic investigation or study of materials, sources, etc., in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. It can encompass various activities, including reading, conducting experiments, surveying, and more.

'research' can be both countable and uncountable. When referring to the general activity, it's uncountable (e.g., 'I do research'). When referring to specific studies or projects, it can be countable (e.g., 'Several researches have shown...'). 'Research' can be modified by adjectives to specify the type or nature of the research, e.g., 'qualitative research,' 'medical research.'

The scientist's research led to a groundbreaking discovery.

She is conducting research on the effects of climate change.

His latest researches have not yet been published.

while 'researches' can be used, it's less common in modern English. Most often, 'research' is used in both singular and plural contexts. Avoid using 'research' redundantly, e.g., 'research study' can often be shortened to just 'research' or 'study.'


as a verb, 'research' means to investigate systematically or to study something in detail. It implies a deep dive into a subject to gain more information or understanding.

'research' as a verb can be transitive (with a direct object) or intransitive (without a direct object). When used transitively, what is being researched is specified, e.g., 'She researched the topic.' When used intransitively, the object of research might be implied or mentioned elsewhere, e.g., 'He researched extensively.'

I need to research this topic further before writing the essay.

She researched the history of the building.

Before buying the product, he researched thoroughly.

when using 'research' as a verb, it's often followed by a direct object or a prepositional phrase starting with 'on' or 'into' to indicate the subject of the research. Avoid vague statements. If you say someone 'researched,' be clear about what they were researching or the context in which they were doing it.

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