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as a noun, 'round' can refer to a circular piece or portion, a single instance or cycle of events, or a stage in a recurring series.

'round' can refer to a sequence in a contest or competition. It can denote a shape or object that is circular. It can also refer to a song in which different groups of people start the same melody at different times.

The next round of talks will be held next week.

She ordered a round of drinks for everyone at the bar.

'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' is a popular round.

'a round of applause' is a common phrase meaning a burst of clapping from an audience.


as an adjective, 'round' describes something that has a circular shape or aspect, or something that is not exact in number or amount.

'round' can be used to describe objects, figures, or amounts. It can be used to indicate that a number has been adjusted to a simpler or more convenient form.

She has a round face.

The total came to a round number.

They bought a round table for the dining room.

'round' can sometimes be used interchangeably with 'rounded,' especially when referring to a shape, but 'rounded' often implies a smoother or more complete circular form.


as a verb, 'round' means to make or become round, or to go around something, especially to bypass an obstacle.

'round' can be used transitively (with a direct object) or intransitively (without a direct object). It can be used in various tenses like any other regular verb, e.g., 'rounded,' 'rounding.'

The carpenter rounded the edges of the table.

The racers are rounding the final bend.

The total was rounded up to the nearest dollar.

'round up' can mean to gather together, as in rounding up cattle or suspects. 'Round out' means to complete or enhance something.

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