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as a noun, 'roundup' primarily refers to the act or process of gathering or collecting things or people, often in the context of livestock. It can also refer to a summary or compilation of information or news.

it's used to denote a gathering or collection process, especially in the context of cattle or livestock. It can also be used in journalism or reporting to indicate a summary of events or news.

The ranchers began the annual roundup of cattle to prepare for the winter.

The magazine published a roundup of the week's top news stories.

The police conducted a roundup of all the suspects in the area.

'roundup' in the context of livestock is often associated with cowboys and ranching activities. Don't confuse 'roundup' with 'round up' (as a phrasal verb) which means to bring together or gather.


as a verb, 'roundup' means to gather or collect, especially in the context of animals or people.

it's used to denote the action of gathering or collecting.

They plan to roundup the stray dogs in the neighborhood.

The organization will roundup volunteers for the community service event.

The farmer needs to roundup the chickens before nightfall.

the verb form 'roundup' is less commonly used than the noun form. The phrasal verb 'round up' is more frequently used in this context. Ensure that the context makes it clear when using 'roundup' as a verb, as it might be confusing to some readers or listeners.

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