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as a noun, 'run' can refer to an act or instance of running, a continuous series, or a direction or path along which something can move.

'run' as a noun can be singular or plural based on the context.

I went for a run this morning.

The play had a successful run at the theater.

The sheep found a run through the fence.

the word 'run' can also refer to specific instances in sports, like a scoring play in baseball.


as a verb, 'run' primarily denotes the action of moving swiftly on foot. However, it has a plethora of other meanings, including operating, managing, extending, and flowing, among others.

'run' can be used in various tenses, and its meaning can change based on context.

She runs five miles every morning.

He runs a successful business downtown.

The river runs through the city.

'run' has many idiomatic uses, such as 'run out of' (to deplete a supply) or 'run into' (to encounter unexpectedly). The past tense of 'run' is 'ran,' and the past participle is 'run.'

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