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a sailboat is a noun that means a type of boat that is propelled by wind power, usually through the use of one or more sails. Its primary purpose is to use the wind as the main source of power to travel the seas.

1. The sailboat glided across the blue waters with the wind filling its sails.

2. With a quick turn of the rudder, the sailboat shifted course, sailing off across the horizon.

3. After spending a long day out at sea, the sailboat cruised back to the harbor.

when referring to sailboats, it is more common to use the terms 'sailing' or 'sail' than 'sailboat'. Therefore, it is generally more appropriate to use the singular form of the noun, sailboat, rather than the plural form, sailboats. Some may mistakenly refer to a sailboat as a boat with an engine; it is important to note that a sailboat relies solely on the wind as its source of power.

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