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as an adjective, 'scattered' describes something that is spread or dispersed over a wide area, not concentrated in one place.

'scattered' can describe objects, people, or events that are spread out and not close together. It can also describe occurrences that happen at irregular intervals.

There were scattered showers throughout the day.

The village had scattered houses, with vast fields in between.

Scattered applause could be heard from the back of the auditorium.

when describing weather, 'scattered' often refers to something (like rain or clouds) that is present but not everywhere in the area. 'Scattered' can imply randomness or lack of a clear pattern. Overusing 'scattered' to describe any distribution. It's more appropriate when there's a clear sense of dispersion or irregularity.


as a verb, 'scattered' is the past tense and past participle form of 'scatter.' It refers to the act of throwing or dropping things in different directions so that they cover an area, or to disperse or distribute things irregularly.

'scattered' can describe the action of dispersing objects or people over a wide area. It can also refer to the distribution of something in a random or irregular manner.

She scattered the seeds across the garden.

The children scattered their toys all over the living room.

The wind scattered the papers from his desk.

'scattered' can also be used metaphorically, e.g., to describe thoughts or feelings that are disorganized or not concentrated. 'Scattered' can imply a lack of organization or order. Confusing 'scattered' with 'shattered.' While both can imply dispersion, 'shattered' specifically means to break into pieces.

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