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'seems' it is used to express a temporary or fleeting quality or state of something, rather than a permanent one. Furthermore, it implies that something is perceived as a certain way, rather than actually being that way. It can also serve as a polite or indirect hint in conversation, much like the phrase 'it appears.'

1.He seems frustrated with his current situation.

2.She seems too eager to forgive him.

3.It seems that the project has been finished ahead of schedule.

When using 'seems,' it is important to remember that it conveys a subjective opinion or perception, rather than a fact. If you are trying to assert a point as a fact, it is best to replace 'seems' with a more concrete verb such as 'is' or 'was.' Additionally, 'seems' can be used with the prepositions 'like', 'as if', and 'as though', whereas these prepositions should not be used with 'is' or 'was.' Finally, it should be noted that 'seems' is generally paired with an adjective or adverb, as opposed to a verb or noun.

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