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seldom is used to indicate frequency and is primarily used to indicate that something does not happen often or infrequently. For example, 'he seldom visits home,' meaning he does not visit home often.

seldom is used to modify verbs and other types of adverbs, never adjectives. Seldom is usually placed after the verb it modifies. If more than one verb is in the sentence, it can be placed either before or after.

1. We seldom went to the beach before the pandemic.

2. The couple seldom eats dinner together when they're working from home.

3. She seldom yields to peer pressure.

seldom generally means 'not often,' and it is usually used as a negative. Therefore, it has a similar meaning as 'hardly ever' and 'rarely.' Seldom is often confused with 'suddenly,' which means 'without warning,' so be careful not to confuse them.

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