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a selection refers to a group of things which have been chosen from a larger group. It is generally used to denote a group that has been handpicked out of another collection, based on specific criteria. The selection may be of any type e.g. people, objects, documents, images, sounds, etc. The rules for using the noun selection require that it should only be used to refer to a group or collection that has been selected from among the larger group.

1. The teacher had to make a difficult selection in order to decide who would represent the school in the competition.

2. He made a selection of vegetables from the store for his dinner.

3. She had a wide selection of recipes to choose from when she was deciding what to cook.

it is important to note that selection has different connotations in different contexts. For example, in the context of a job interview, a selection suggests that certain candidates have been chosen and others have been left out. In such scenarios, using the word ‘choice’ might be more appropriate since it implies that the interviewer has the freedom to choose whomever they want. It's also important to note that selection is rarely used in the sense of an individual object, instead it is more commonly used to refer to a group of things, or a collection.

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