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as a noun, 'service' primarily refers to the action of helping or doing work for someone. It can also denote a system supplying a public need, a religious ceremony, or the period during which a machine or equipment is usable.

refers to an act of assistance or benefit. Can denote a system or utility supplying a need (e.g., public transport). Refers to a religious ceremony.

Indicates the usable life of an object or machine.

The customer service at that store is exceptional.

The city's bus service operates from 5 am to midnight.

The Sunday morning service at the church is always uplifting.

The service life of this battery is about two years.

'service' can be confused with 'serve' in some contexts. Remember that 'service' as a noun often refers to an act or a system, while 'serve' is the action itself. In a religious context, 'service' refers to the ceremony or worship event.


as an adjective, 'service' is used to describe something related to the act of serving or the provision of services.

The service door is at the back of the building.

All service personnel must wear uniforms.

The service elevator is for staff use only.

'service' as an adjective is often used in specific contexts, like in industries where serving or provision of services is a primary function. It's less common than the noun and verb forms, so ensure clarity when using 'service' as an adjective. 'Service' is a versatile word with various applications across different contexts. Recognizing its different usages and nuances can help in effective communication.


as a verb, 'service' means to perform routine maintenance or repair work on a vehicle or machine. It can also mean to provide services to or meet the needs of someone or something.

refers to the act of maintaining or repairing. Can denote the action of providing a service.

I need to service my car before the long trip.

The company services several large clients in the healthcare industry.

The technician will service the printer tomorrow.

don't confuse the verb 'service' with the more general act of helping; it often has a more specific or technical connotation. In a business context, 'service' as a verb often means to cater to or fulfill the needs of a client or customer.

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