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share is a noun that typically refers to a portion of something. Typically found in abstract terms, a share is more than a mere portion, but less than a whole, and can simply refer to physical objects or figurative descriptions. In a tangible sense, a share could refer to a specific amount of food, a divvied cost or expense, a resourced item, or a section of something. It can also refer to a distributed good or service, a specified allotment in a group, or a portion of a property such as an inheritance.

When used as a noun, it usually appears in the singular form, often preceded by an article or possessive pronoun. However, it can sometimes be pluralized in certain cases, such as when referring to various kinds of shares. When referring to a portion of an object or service, it usually follows words such as 'each,' 'his/her,' 'their,' or 'our.' When referring to a specified division of an object, it can be preceded by words such as 'a,' 'every,' or 'each.'

1. 'We divided the pizza into four equal shares.'

2. 'She owns a share of the property.'

3. 'Each team member got their own share of the profits.'

it is important to note that share can sometimes be used figuratively or metaphorically, as seen in this example 'The children shared a moment of silence.' Additionally, it is also important to remember the verb form of 'share,' which means to portion something out, especially with others. For example, 'She shared her candy with her friend.' Finally, when referring to divisions or amounts of physical objects or services, be sure to use an appropriate unit of measurement or other types of qualifying words. For instance, the sentence, 'She gave her sister her own share,' does not offer enough detail.


as a verb, 'share' primarily refers to having a portion of something with others or to use, occupy, or enjoy something jointly with another or others. It can also mean to tell someone about something, especially in the context of social media.

'share' can be used in various contexts, including dividing something to distribute, participating in something with others, or communicating information. It often requires an object to specify what is being shared.

Can you share your dessert with your brother?

We shared a taxi to the airport.

She shared the exciting news with all her friends on Facebook.

'share' can be followed by the preposition 'with' to indicate the person who is being shared with. E.g., 'I shared my book with Jane.' In digital contexts, especially on social media, 'share' often means to repost or spread information, photos, or videos. Don't confuse 'share' with 'shear.' While 'share' relates to dividing or using something jointly, 'shear' refers to cutting the wool off a sheep or cutting something with shears. Using 'share' correctly can convey a sense of community, collaboration, or the distribution of resources or information.

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