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pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun or noun phrase to avoid repetition and to maintain the flow of the sentence. In this case, the word 'she' can act as a subject or object pronoun to refer to a female, or an antecedent, mentioned previously in the sentence.

In the subject position, 'she' is used to refer to a female subject of the sentence. In the object position, it is used to refer to a female object of the sentence. Finally, it is used to refer to a female preceding it in the sentence.

1. She opened the door.

2. He surprised her with a gift.

3. Her work ethic is an inspiration to us all

it is important to remember that when using 'she' as a pronoun, the antecedent must be female. When using the pronoun in the subject or object position, make sure the verb agrees with 'she'. For example 'She are my neighbor' is incorrect; the correct usage is 'She is my neighbor'. Additionally, when using the pronoun in the antecedent position, remember that it must refer to a female noun or noun phrase that precedes it.

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