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as a noun, 'signing' refers to the act or process of writing one's name or the act of using sign language. It can also refer to a person who has recently been signed to a contract, especially in sports or entertainment.

when used as a noun, 'signing' often follows verbs like 'make' or 'announce' or can be used in contexts like 'a new signing.'

The signing of the treaty was a historic event.

The football club announced a new signing from Spain.

The signing community came together for the annual event.

when referring to a person who has been signed to a contract, context is crucial. Without adequate context, readers or listeners might think you're referring to the act of writing a signature or using sign language.


as a verb, 'signing' represents the action of writing one's name, especially as a form of identification or authorization. It can also refer to the act of communicating using sign language.

'signing' can be used as a present participle (e.g., 'She is signing the document').

She is signing the letters before sending them out.

They communicate by signing because he is deaf.

don't confuse 'signing' (related to writing one's name or using sign language) with 'singing' (related to vocal music). Remember that 'signing' can refer to both the act of writing one's signature and the act of using sign language.

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