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as a pronoun, 'somewhat' is less commonly used. It refers to a thing or amount that is not specified or is unknown.

when used as a pronoun, 'somewhat' can stand in for an unspecified thing or amount. This usage is more archaic and less common in modern English.

I need somewhat to quench my thirst.

She gave him somewhat of her mind on the matter.

He offered somewhat in return for the favor.

this pronoun use of 'somewhat' is rare and can sound old-fashioned or formal. In modern English, it's more common to use 'something' or another more specific word in its place. Be cautious when using 'somewhat' as a pronoun, as it might be confusing to some readers or listeners who are more familiar with its adverbial use.


as an adverb, 'somewhat' is used to refer to a degree or extent that is not very great but is still noticeable. It's a way to indicate that something is true to a certain extent but not completely.

'somewhat' is often used to modify adjectives or other adverbs to indicate a moderate degree of a particular quality. It can be used to soften a statement or to be intentionally vague.

The test was somewhat difficult.

She was somewhat tired after the long journey.

The movie was somewhat entertaining, but I wouldn't watch it again.

'somewhat' is similar in meaning to 'a little,' 'rather,' or 'slightly.' It's a way of indicating a moderate amount or degree without being specific.

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