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as a noun, 'somewhere' refers to a place or location that is unspecified.

when used as a noun, 'somewhere' typically follows prepositions like 'from' or 'to.'

This package came from somewhere overseas.

We need to go to somewhere quiet to discuss this.

The scent reminds me of somewhere I visited as a child.

while 'somewhere' can function as a noun, it's more commonly used as an adverb. Ensure that the context makes it clear when using it as a noun. When used as a noun, it often feels more natural to simply use 'somewhere' as an adverb (e.g., 'We need to go somewhere quiet' rather than 'We need to go to somewhere quiet').


as an adverb, 'somewhere' is used to refer to a place that is not known or stated. It indicates an unspecified or uncertain location.

I left my keys somewhere in the house.

We should travel somewhere warm this winter.

She lives somewhere near the park.

'somewhere' is often used when the exact location is either unknown or not important to the context of the conversation.

It can also be used to be intentionally vague or secretive about a location.

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