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as an adjective, 'stamped' describes something that has been marked or imprinted with a design, seal, or sign.

used to describe objects or documents that have received a mark or imprint, often for validation, authentication, or decoration.

The stamped envelope was ready to be mailed.

She wore a stamped leather bracelet.

The stamped certificate was displayed on the wall.

when used as an adjective, 'stamped' often comes before the noun it modifies. Ensure that the context makes it clear that 'stamped' is being used to describe an object with an imprint or mark, rather than the action of stamping.


as a verb, 'stamped' describes the action of bringing down a foot or tool forcefully onto a surface or object, or the action of imprinting a design or mark onto something.

used to describe the action of forcefully pressing or hitting something with a foot or tool. Can also refer to the act of imprinting or marking something with a design or seal.

He stamped his foot in frustration.

She stamped the letter with the company's official seal.

The crowd stamped their feet to the rhythm of the music.

'stamped' can be used both literally (physically pressing down) and figuratively (making an impression or influence). Don't confuse 'stamped' with 'stomped.' While both involve forceful stepping, 'stomped' emphasizes heavier, more deliberate action, often with a sense of anger or emphasis.

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