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as a noun, 'stop' refers to a place or moment where something ceases moving or happening. It can also refer to a location where vehicles pick up or drop off passengers.

The bus stop is right in front of my house.

There's a brief stop in the music where the singer takes a breath.

Make a stop at the grocery store on your way home.

don't confuse 'stop' (a cessation or location) with 'stoppage' (an act of stopping or the state of being stopped).


as an adjective, 'stop' is less common and is used to describe something that is used for stopping or something that relates to stopping.

The car has stop and go traffic capabilities.

He used a stop motion technique for the animation.

The stop button is on the right side.

ensure that 'stop' is being used adjectivally and not as part of a compound noun or verb phrase.

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