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a store is a noun that means an establishment that sells goods or services directly to consumers. It may also be a storeroom or depot used for the storage of goods. Stores can be located in physical locations or on the Internet, and may contain both physical and online components.

1. The store sold a wide variety of products at great prices.

2. Shopping at the store was the highlight of my day.

3. The store had a small selection, but the quality was top-notch.

stores usually refer to establishments which provide goods and services to consumers, rather than businesses which provide goods and services to other businesses, although the two can overlap in some situations.


to store is to assemble or accumulate goods and services in a place for future use. It can also mean to keep or retain information, or to save data on a storage device.

1. She was storing up supplies for the long winter.

2. He stored the money in a safe place.

3. He stored the data in a secure location.

when used as a verb, store is often followed by the preposition 'in' or 'on' to indicate the specific location where the goods or information are being stored.

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