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as a noun, 'study' refers to the act or process of acquiring knowledge or understanding about a particular subject through reading, research, or instruction. It can also refer to a room designated for reading, writing, or academic work.

I have a study session with my tutor tomorrow.

The scientist conducted a study on the effects of pollution on marine life.

She retreated to her study to read her book.

don't confuse 'study' (the act of learning) with 'studio' (a place where an artist works). 'Study' can also refer to a piece of work, like a drawing or musical composition, that is done to practice or test a technique.


as a verb, 'study' means to devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge on a subject, especially through books. It can also mean to examine or analyze something in detail.

I need to study for my final exams.

She studied the painting to understand the artist's technique.

They are studying the effects of the new medicine on patients.

'study up' is an informal phrasal verb meaning to learn about a subject quickly, especially before an important event or decision. Avoid redundancy. For example, avoid saying 'study in detail' since studying inherently involves detailed examination.

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